Shona Scott

Shona has over 18 years of experience in strategic planning, operations management, sales and training. She has developed recognized expertise in process design and operational refinement. Shona’s focus has been on cost effective application of resources and technology and the development of processes for improved quality and service delivery.

Her expertise has helped organizations improve risk management process and techniques, customer service operations and sales management. She has a well earned reputation as a leader in the development of continuous process improvement within organizations. Her strength is in the development of quality standards, Benchmarking and productivity measurements within the corporate world. In addition to her operations expertise, Shona has also developed, installed and improved on-line risk and service systems.

Her professional career started with American Express where she worked in a series of senior management and executive positions both in the United States and Canada.

As a consultant Shona has worked internationally focusing on financial services, institutional health care sectors, technology and pharmaceutical. Her ability to provide technical evaluation and the requisite implementation plans make her an invaluable planner and tactician. Additionally, her strategic background coupled with defined process have enabled her to contribute to the strategic and planning needs of large and small organizations both from the standpoint of disciplined process and creative thinking.

Shona’s management style and communication skills permit effective analysis to execution in an accelerated fashion. She is an experienced facilitator having led, challenged or cajoled groups to generate breakthrough ideas while maintaining structure and order. As a coach and strategic advisor she has provided insight and practical guidance to executives in a variety of business sectors.

Shona is a graduate of the University of Toronto.